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Some of the fan art from the mid-2000s days

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  • Some of the fan art from the mid-2000s days

    Hey all, I unfortunately didn't have anything close to a full backup of the old fan art section, but I loved spending time there as a kid in the mid-late 2000s and have a few that I happened to save, and a lot of Sons of War and Project Revolution stuff. Plus I remember some names and some of the art is elsewhere on the internet. It only lets me attach 5 images per post... I may just have to do a bunch of replies.

    CrabTasterMan actually has all their old SC fan art still on deviantart, so I strongly recommend going through there for a nostalgia trip! Some of the best depictions of SC1 ultralisks still to this day.
    I don't remember the artist by SpaceSepp! Very early work by SgtHK

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    Another amazing relic, though not from, was Breeze's 3D fan art, that had its own special gallery on SCLegacy, originally made for All of his renders are saved in these 2 Imgur galleries:

    And, attached, some more old fan art... UltraZealot's deviantart is also still up, as is CrazyYoda, who did fan art submissions and worked on Project Revolution. I will return with more!
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      It was funny how blindsided everyone was by SC2 being revealed. Check out this comment from 6 months before the announcement...
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        And more...

        SpaceSepp also has this little 1-minute cinematic on his youtube channel from 2007 that's still fantastic. He absolutely nails the lighting, camera moves, and color palate and all that for those shots of the battlecruiser fleet. He also posted the dropship model in it to iirc.


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          Here's some Sons of War stuff


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            And more Sons of War stuff (RIP)


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              Turns out ITSTORRASQUE4U also has some SoW stuff on his youtube channel still!

              These were for the campaign select screen, I don't remember what the Protoss one was going to be.

              By SpaceSepp, for the intro cinematic, which was going to take place on Braxis, with Duran's hybrids breaking out.

              Zealot test by SgtHK.