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Anybody play starcraft2?

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  • Anybody play starcraft2?

    So after finishing the wings of liberty campaign I’ve started playing unranked versus mode. I’m rubbish still, but so is everyone else I play. I just went stalker to immortal to carrier to zealot and won against mass siege rank/Thor convo. Let me know if you want to play an equally rubbish match and post the replay on here :)

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    I havent played SC2 in quite a while. I was never able to really get into at the time. I think I was still burned out on RTS from Broodwar.
    Plus I use to smoke when I played Broodwar and the urge I get to have a cigarette in my hand while I play an RTS is almost unbearable.

    Right now I have actually gone back to WoW, it seems to be fun again so I will enjoy it while it lasts. But once Spiderman comes out I dare say I will be having a major PS4 phase again. Need to get a Pro.


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      Never got the chance, and I lost interest after HotS's campaign turned out to be so bland and LotV failed to utilize a lot of what I felt it could have.


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        I really only play the co-op mode anymore. I'm actual trash at SC2 competitive multiplayer.


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          I played it a bit when WoL first came out and a friend got me a free trial/pass thing. Haven't actually touched it since, although I got it when it became free. I need to actually get into playing it.