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The Trump Wall

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  • The Trump Wall

    There really is a big orange elephant in the room and that is probably as good a place as any to start.

    Do you support his policies? Do you think he is a joke? Do think he is to divisive or perhaps not divisive enough?
    Speaking for myself, I think he is a bumbling idiot.

    However what bothers me the most is the wall this idiot wants to build.
    A group of 18 environmental scientists have just completed a study that concluded that the wall, if built will impede animal migration, shrink animal habitat and split populations of species into smaller, less viable groups. The study has been reviewed and endorsed by over 2500 other scientists.

    I think the environmental issue far outways any possible benefit from restricting the flow of people in this way. There has to be another way.

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    trump is as rubbish as his toupee


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      Originally posted by Protogod View Post
      trump is as rubbish as his toupee
      I never thought I would be agreeing with you, mate xD

      Trump is a blustery piece of garbage.