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So what happened to your life?

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  • So what happened to your life?

    Hey all,

    Still living in Canada. Travel lots, went to iceland last year and had a blast. In a month I'll be doing a sea kayak trip along vancouver island where Orcas come to play.

    Have a fairly fun instagram account: Mattiasdanchak if any of you want to follow (I'll follow back, throw a message so I know you're not a robot!).

    Met one of our forum friends markpyro (I think that's her old handle?) Cait for any of you that remember.

    I work in mental health and addictions now as a registered nurse. Currently I have four positions in the province. Doing fairly well for myself in that regard.

    Still watch Starcraft 2 videos! They're a nice little thing I watch in the morning or before a night shift.

    There's a few of mine. Lets hear some of yours and talk for fun.


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    my life has been interesting. I’m currently in the process of settling down. I’ve found a lucrative career in the 3D printing business, which has allowed me to travel quite a bit. Went to Japan and Thailand last year, which was a blast. That’s about it for now.


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      I' Hard to encapsulate 10 years of change in a forum post. Went to undergrad, graduated, moved to Pittsburgh, started a career in its burgeoning energy industry. Dating, relationship, breakup. The election. Births, deaths, taxes. So much! Currently sucking the capitalists dry while I finish a master's in public health. Mulling the next waypoint. Hoping to dedicate myself deeply to public servitude, either as a regular G-Man or an elected official. Exciting stuff!
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        My life took a turn after I hurt my back, had to say goodbye to a nice chunk of income, that hurt but things are getting back to normal now. First child graduates from high school in like 10 weeks and is off to become a teacher, I wish I had her sense of direction when I was her age.
        Still married to the same crazy Greek woman, still live in the same house. To be perfectly honest not a lot has changed, just a few more years down that road if you know what I mean.


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          I graduated from university, traveled the world for three years, and now I work as a front end dev at Yale. My nerdier habits (gaming, forums) have been replaced with a lot of sports and art, but I keep the inner nerd alive at work.

          Funny to think that I started posting on WarBoards when I was... 12? 14 years ago. Insane.

          Yeah and I met Matt / Dunchy a few years back. I was traveling through Canada and had stopped at a bar to get dinner. I posted about it on social media and shortly after, Matt calls / texts me and tells me he lives around the block. 20 minutes later he shows up and gives me the biggest hug, so that was pretty cool.


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            I tried this url for the first time in a while and it actually loaded something up. And I knew every single name that popped up on this thread. I miss all of you!! <3

            My life hasn't gone anywhere. I am a part of a podcast network near me that does a large amount of random stuff - Gaming, Anime, TV Series, Movies, DnD, etc - but that's the only real change that's happened in my life since things hit the fan. I'm glad to see names I remember fondly, since I'm not the only weird one for looking for this site again ^.^


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              I'm under a different username now to what I used to be. A lot has changed in my life- I still look back on the old Warboards as a very formative experience for me, though! First forum I ever joined, was with me right through highschool. Big relationship stuff, moved back and forth a bunch, worked out some things. I like to hope I'm a lot more mature now than I was when I first got here.


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                Well, right now I'm a student trying to make something of my life still. When y'all would have seen me last (probably around 2010, I think?) I had graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and converted to Buddhism. Mechanical engineering didn't really pan out in the end, and I screwed around for a bit before going off to process fish in Alaska, came back to Florida, and have done a bunch of stuff according to my whims in attempts to live an interesting life and have cool stories to tell. And I think I've acquired a few, too. I'm studying accounting now and hoping this turns into a real career. Some new friends have come into my life, some old friends have left my life, but I'm surprised sometimes both by how much I've changed and how little. Searched for this place on a whim trying to find an archive of the RP forum and... bam, I'm back, to a place where. I gotta say, some of my best, longest lasting friendships started here, and so much of what I know about people and myself came out of posting here borderline obsessively for an eternity. It's weird to be posting on warboards again. And it's great to be back.

                Also, I'm engaged. That's something, I guess - to a wonderful woman studying nuclear medicine.
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                  It took me about 7 years of various schoolings and about a 3-year break, but I finally found a major, Bus-Admin with Accounting emphasis and got my undergrad degree. Was going to go for my MBA but decided to focus on getting an actual job in my general field of study, something accounting, finance, or business analysis related. I'm currently working in retail and it is draining my soul, so instead of forking over more money for school, I want a better job first, focus on my career a bit. I was able to save up enough and traveled to Tokyo for two weeks with a friend this last July. Other than that, not a whole lot is going on with me. Just living life. I've had some great experiences, some not-so-great experiences, made some good friends, some great friends, and continued growing existing friendships (Hi kong). I've been trying to work on issues I know I have, and especially in the last couple or few months, I have really started trying to take better care of myself, been working out, building real muscle for the first time in my life, and now I'm trying to focus on my diet a bit more. The next step is to work on my sleeping habits (I say, typing this at 12:09 a.m.). A lot has changed for me in the last 8-10 years. It's exciting to see this place revived. Let's see where this goes.

                  Also, for those that don't remember the name change, I used to be Protoss_Honor.
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                    Got a Biology Degree, worked a few fiascos of wildlife jobs in the desert before getting a shitass desk job at UPS Freight (The cargo/trucking Division)
                    Had a golf-ball sized tumor pulled out of my chest about two years ago now- thank god UPS has Kickass health coverage, still work at UPS, but I'm in air cargo now and make slightly more money. Working 4 tens on weekends, just started taking accounting classes during the week, trying to get a CPA and get out of the fucking cargo industry. Along the way I've picked up far too many anime figures and lost most of my social life (And function in half of my diaphragm, thanks surgery) as everyone I know scattered all over the state. Working weird shifts hasn't helped.
                    Can anyone hook me up with a nerd girl in her late 20s/early 30s?

                    I feel like the more things change the more they stay the same.


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                      HI GUYS!! Can't believe this is happening – ecstatic and so nostalgic to be posting here with you guys again.

                      I'm living in California now, working at a tech startup in the Bay Area. Got here a bit of a roundabout way – did my undergrad in Bioengineering, came out here to join a PhD program in the same, then was lured away by the freedom and flexible hours in tech (plus of course the joy of spending all my time in front of a computer again).

                      I got married this year! She lives in Mexico City (for her own startup) so I'm there most weekends. It's an amazing place – love the people, the culture, the food, the numerous things to do.

                      Haven't had Qoo in many years.

                      Still play video games occasionally – mostly RPGs. Started playing World of Warcraft again with the release of Battle for Azeroth – anyone else dive back in too?

                      If anyone comes to visit the Bay Area or Mexico City, let me know! Let's meet up!