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So what happened to your life?

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  • So what happened to your life?

    Hey all,

    Still living in Canada. Travel lots, went to iceland last year and had a blast. In a month I'll be doing a sea kayak trip along vancouver island where Orcas come to play.

    Have a fairly fun instagram account: Mattiasdanchak if any of you want to follow (I'll follow back, throw a message so I know you're not a robot!).

    Met one of our forum friends markpyro (I think that's her old handle?) Cait for any of you that remember.

    I work in mental health and addictions now as a registered nurse. Currently I have four positions in the province. Doing fairly well for myself in that regard.

    Still watch Starcraft 2 videos! They're a nice little thing I watch in the morning or before a night shift.

    There's a few of mine. Lets hear some of yours and talk for fun.


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    my life has been interesting. I’m currently in the process of settling down. I’ve found a lucrative career in the 3D printing business, which has allowed me to travel quite a bit. Went to Japan and Thailand last year, which was a blast. That’s about it for now.


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      I' Hard to encapsulate 10 years of change in a forum post. Went to undergrad, graduated, moved to Pittsburgh, started a career in its burgeoning energy industry. Dating, relationship, breakup. The election. Births, deaths, taxes. So much! Currently sucking the capitalists dry while I finish a master's in public health. Mulling the next waypoint. Hoping to dedicate myself deeply to public servitude, either as a regular G-Man or an elected official. Exciting stuff!
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        My life took a turn after I hurt my back, had to say goodbye to a nice chunk of income, that hurt but things are getting back to normal now. First child graduates from high school in like 10 weeks and is off to become a teacher, I wish I had her sense of direction when I was her age.
        Still married to the same crazy Greek woman, still live in the same house. To be perfectly honest not a lot has changed, just a few more years down that road if you know what I mean.


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          I graduated from university, traveled the world for three years, and now I work as a front end dev at Yale. My nerdier habits (gaming, forums) have been replaced with a lot of sports and art, but I keep the inner nerd alive at work.

          Funny to think that I started posting on WarBoards when I was... 12? 14 years ago. Insane.

          Yeah and I met Matt / Dunchy a few years back. I was traveling through Canada and had stopped at a bar to get dinner. I posted about it on social media and shortly after, Matt calls / texts me and tells me he lives around the block. 20 minutes later he shows up and gives me the biggest hug, so that was pretty cool.


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            I tried this url for the first time in a while and it actually loaded something up. And I knew every single name that popped up on this thread. I miss all of you!! <3

            My life hasn't gone anywhere. I am a part of a podcast network near me that does a large amount of random stuff - Gaming, Anime, TV Series, Movies, DnD, etc - but that's the only real change that's happened in my life since things hit the fan. I'm glad to see names I remember fondly, since I'm not the only weird one for looking for this site again ^.^


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              I'm under a different username now to what I used to be. A lot has changed in my life- I still look back on the old Warboards as a very formative experience for me, though! First forum I ever joined, was with me right through highschool. Big relationship stuff, moved back and forth a bunch, worked out some things. I like to hope I'm a lot more mature now than I was when I first got here.