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    Howdy all;

    Since our revival is in need of a revival I thought I’d post a brief update on my life so far in case anyone happens across the forum again.

    Ive somehow managed to maintain a serious relationship with the same girl since 2012, with whom I’ve cohabitated for a few years now. She puts up with my shit well enough that I suppose I’ll have to marry her at some point soon, which I’m very much ok with.

    For work I ended up in the 3D printing industry by accident, where I’ve carved out a nice niche as an expert on the business development side and more or less running the public speaking circuit for a few years now. While I have some more opportunity ahead there if I choose to stay, I’ve just received a potentially lucrative offer to do product strategy for a Chicago based healthcare company (Fortune500 sized). For those of you not in the know, Chicago is home for me. In some ways this particular impasse is probably what led me back here, as I often get nostalgic in general when I’m making a big life change.

    Lots of smaller occasions along the way, such as having to fire a good friend with whom I worked, nearly dying of dysentery, and other tales which I wont bore you with at this time.

    I encourage others to provide updates as well, if they see this thread.