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*Ahem* Is this thing on?

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  • *Ahem* Is this thing on?

    Well. Howdy.

    Anyone still lurking around here?

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    Oh this is bizarre... I followed what I figured was going to be a dead link while trawling through old lists of custom Starcraft campaigns and, well, here I am...

    I'd given up on ever seeing this site again.


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      Strange, I also stumbled onto this site through some old WarCraft 2 fan pages.

      So what happened to the old WarBoards?


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        Huh, I randomly decided to look up warboards today in a fit of nostalgia. Didn't think I'd find anything, but I guess my timing was just right. I'd also like to know what happened to the old site.


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          You’re kidding. Also, someone stole my screen name on :(


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            No great story - at some point the site hit a snag, had to move web servers, etc.
            I have much of the old content and information backed up but it is also not a simple task to migrate a multiple years-old forum to their latest version.

            Also: living in the past sucks.


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              Yeah I’m surprised any of this is even still up. Funny timing though; I just downloaded SC2 last week since it’s free now. Campaign is ok. That’s what made me even think to check here.

              And yes living in the past sucks; no point in doing the work to migrate old content to a dead community


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                Hey there Guys <waves>

                Just started playing WoW again in prep for Legion.


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                  Oh, cool - hey there.
                  How's WoW? Been ages since I've logged in.


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                    Been enjoying it again. My daughter started playing when she was about 14 so I got her an account of her own, I have never bothered to go back to mine so I have just started new characters on hers.

                    You know it's funny to think about, all 3 of my kids were just babies last time I posted on Warboards and now my eldest turns 18 next birthday.


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                      Yeah there's a pretty big delta in most of our lives I'd imagine between A and B.
                      Wanted to get the site back up in case all us old folks wanted to behave like proper old folks and reminisce.


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                        Oh don't bring up old. I'm nearly 50. Just 3 years away.


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                          Originally posted by AJ View Post
                          Well. Howdy.

                          Anyone still lurking around here?
                          EhJay! I wondered what happened to you! I miss this place so much and I want to find a place I love as much as you guys, but it's so hard :(

                          I want to try and help bring this place to where it used to be, because some of my fondest moments were spent here ^.^


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                            Well, shit. Lo and behold. I only recognize a few of the names here.

                            Did you guys know bscorg is still up? Lol.


                            No such luck with the Getaway...

                            AJ, do you still have all the fanfic from the original There was some good shit on there. You guys remember the Bane series? And SciFiFreak90 or whatever wrote some good shit, too.
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                              hey nerds what's good