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3D Hydralisk fan art progress thread

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  • 3D Hydralisk fan art progress thread

    Hey all, figured I'd make a thread for a project I've been working on every now and then on and off. The idea was sort of spurred after SC:R— I actually like their decision to unify the look of the in-game units and the cinematic/pre-rendered/splash screen art. It was always confusing in the original game when the cinematics and the sprite versions of units didn't look like each other, and caused a lot of angst in the fan art community. I also think that their hydralisk design looked super cool and successful, and the hunter killer portrait is fantastic, all that. But it's still not the original hydralisk, the one that inspired me to try and draw it a million times as a kid.

    So I decided to make a model of what it could have looked like if they had decided to remaster the original cinematics as well, going with a cinematic-inspired look. That does mean I am making many small changes to the design, because while the original is iconic, it is not completely flawless– for example, the original mandibles would just clip through the side of the head, the original arms weren't really attached to the body, etc. (Here is a render showing some bad clipping of both where the jaw attaches and of the shoulder through the back carapace.) It's still an incredibly fantastic design and model, but, you know, '90s CGI.
    The SC2 hydralisk design also bulked up areas such as making the jaws thicker, making the tail thicker and wider where it touches the ground as opposed to just tapering smoothly, etc., and some other changes that I included subtle versions of that I feel make it look more realistic and weighty. I also liked in the SC:Ghost designs how the vertebrae were larger and more prominent, and sort of led up to the peak of the back carapace. Stuff like that is not faithful to the original, but I did prioritize keeping the face intact, those exact ridges around the eye socket and that exact evil smile. It had to be instantly recognizable as the SC1 hydralisk above all.

    Here is where it is nowish (Sorry you have to imagine the teeth in this image!):
    Click image for larger version  Name:	ZAZWLK6.jpg Views:	1 Size:	171.4 KB ID:	143
    (Also missing elbows, and neck in this image)

    I will texture and animate it (with a coworker's help rigging it), but before that I am also going to 3D print it, to have a cool statuette in a similar pose to the Zerg victory screen. Probably without the pile of skulls. I certainly want one (or more?) for myself, but I don't know how to paint miniature models in real life, so I might also see if I can find an expert minipainter who is interested in perfecting a real one. For now the print would just be a solid color.

    Here was a test from a while back at what textures could look like:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	AtZEq79.jpg Views:	1 Size:	203.9 KB ID:	144

    If anyone has any questions or wants to see more shots, let me know! If not, I'll post an update when the basic model (unposed, untextured) is done, and again after that with the 3D print.
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    Will be posing and 3D printing a prototype soon. Below is a turntable gif.

    edit: cool, animated gifs don't work as attachments. Embedded a link instead, but can't remove the attachment.

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