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  • this a thing now?

    Is this like, the revival of the WB community? The fact that there are this many people who have posted and rejoined kinda seems like it could actually grow back into a fragment of what it used to be. There's probably about as many nostalgia-infused Lurkers (not the Zerg kind) as there are old members who have resurfaced.

    Plus Blizzard games have expanded a bit. Things like Overwatch and Hearthstone (which I both play regularly) that didn't used to be around means that there's a bigger pool of fans to draw from. When Warboards and the .orgs were in there prime was there any official recognition or endorsement from Blizzard? With such a passionate, welcoming and hard working community existing as a fan-base for their games it seems insane that they wouldn't consider these forums as a hub for their players.

    Though given how social spaces has evolved and become widely accessible these past few years, and that Blizzard has it's own social sphere for interacting with players, I guess it's a bit obsolete.

    Unrelated I absolutely fucking love how these smilies are still here -

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    Sadly I think reddit replaced like 80% of specialized internet forums. Not that reddit is a bad community platform, but it does make it impossible to have any kind of longform discussion or project, the kinds of forum threads that would grow to 80 pages and be regularly updated or visited across months or years. I think that the big subreddits for their games are Blizzard's current way of interacting with the community though. The Heroes of the Storm one has devs or artists posting in it all the time, which is something neat that didn't used to happen with old forums.


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      I think warboards et al. were from a time where the idea of community outreach and engagement wasn't embraced, unfortunately, though I think AJ had compensated visits to BlizzCon once or twice off of it? But, yeah, the mid-2000s were when you didn't get developers posting on forums or interacting with the community, really, at all. Nowadays Blizzard has their own robust forums and reddit to pull from, as mentioned, which sorta renders it pointless to have bespoke forums.

      Forums in general seem to be slowly but surely going away, which makes me a little sad in an archival sense. Like, I'm a huge fighting game player, right? Between GameFAQs and the forums on the site, there's decades of archived knowledge on dozens of older, important games - frame data, block data, hitboxes, all these things - and the only places this exists is on the forums or in the brains of the people who remember it. And they've announced the forums are gonna be shutdown, possibly with the loss of everything on it. And it's more than just game data, it's the sum and repository of the fighting game culture, all largely replaced by streaming and social media. And where this stuff is preserved now, it's all in stream highlights or social media, they're moments writ in water. It's the same for any other community formerly reliant on forums for this, forum use goes down and makes it hard to justify paying to keep the place running but there's the real cost to information permanence in closing the doors. I feel like this is under-recognized and underappreciated.

      Alas, and alack, and alaska, though, right? Not like I have any ideas about how to address this other than studious backups.